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Microphone Array Test System
Application Scenarios 1. NVH Test
The NVH refers to noise, vibration and harshness. These three parameters occur at the same time and are inseparable in mechanical vibration,  they are often studied together. The enterprises attach great importance to NVH problem because of the NVH problem an give the automobile user a direct and obvious feeling, so that, the NVH have become an important indicator to measure the quality of automobile manufacturing in automobile manufacturing. Statistics show that about 1/3 of the faults of the whole vehicle are related to the NVH problem, and nearly 20% of the R&D costs of major automobile manufacturers are spent on solving the vehicle's NVH problem.
Spherical Array
System Introduction
The microphone array test system is a relatively perfect sound source positioning testing and analysis system,  which is developed by the SKC after years of development, testing and verification. This system have a rich beamforming algorithms, which can accurately locate the position of sound source. At the same time, this system have the ability to develop sound source positioning system in wind tunnel, high-speed railway, aircraft and other special applications.
Hardware Description
The microphone array (also known as acoustic array) is widely used in noise source location in aviation, automobile, machine tool and industrial field. Through the microphone array technology, the position and intensity information of sound sources at different frequencies can be accurately located, and the noise source information can be collected to design the corresponding noise reduction. Therefore, the microphone array technology have been widely used in industry and have become a basic tool for the noise measurement in recent years.

The SKC can design many kind of the microphone array according to the application requirements come from the customers, such as the linear array, the circular array, the spherical array, multi arm spiral array, and so on.
Ring Array
Cross Array
Square Array
Spiral Array
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