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Dynamic Stiffness Test System
System Introduction
The dynamic stiffness test system is mainly used for collecting and analyzing the high frequency dynamic stiffness of suspension elements.
Test Site
Dynamic Stiffness Acquisition Principle Diagram
System Composition 1. Build the vibration measurement system. The vibration measurement system is built based on data collector, force sensor(the type of the strain or the piezoelectric), accelerometer (one kind of the vibration sensor), displacement sensor and related supporting equipment, which can meet the real-time collection of vibration signals of the vibration measuring platform during the working process, including the displacement signal, the acceleration signal, the static load signal, the dynamic load signal and the other vibration information. 2. Software analysis system development. The system can store and analyze all kinds of data collected by the vibration measurement system, not only can it display and analyze data in real time, but also can call and analyze data at any time.
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