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Noise Control
Noise Control Introduction
The noise control is realized in three ways:  insulation, absorption and muffler. The main products of the noise control include the sound insulation door and window, the modular sound insulation wall, the muffler, the sound insulation cover, the sound absorption and noise reduction product,  and so on.
1. The Case Of The Noise Insulation: The noise of the steam turbine, the generator and the other equipment in the workshop can not meet the environmental regulations.The treatment method is to install a sound insulation cover outside the equipment for sound insulation treatment.
2. The Case Of The Noise Absorption: The wall surface in the plant use some suitable sound-absorbing materials(such as the ecological sand environmental protection sound-absorbing board, the space sound-absorbing body), can reduce the reverberation in the workshop to realize the noise reduction.
3. The Case Of Muffler: The muffler is an air duct which can effectively reduce the noise because of its special structural form of the sound absorption. It can be widely applied to the noise reduction of the cooling tower, the boiler fan, the vacuum pump, the oxidation fan and the other equipment in the power plant.

The Application Scenarios Of The Noise Insulation
1. The sound insulation cover for turbine and generator. 2. The building roof compressor vibration reduction and sound insulation treatment. 3. The sound insulation cover for other equipment.
The Application Scenarios Of The Anechoic Chamber
1. The hyperbolic cooling tower air inlet muffler. 2. The transformer and other equipment fan muffler. 3. The vacuum pump and other equipment resonance muffler. 4. The cabin ventilation pipe and cabin air supply noise and vibration control.
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