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The family theater can be divided into the attic home theater, the basement home theater and the living room home theater according to the room type. The SKC consider the overall decoration style and the intelligent home decoration system, and then, use a variety of different frequency characteristics or sound absorption principle of the material to complete the design of the family theater.
The room classification of the family KTV as well as the family theater, but the living room KTV need to realize the sound insulation effect of non independent room through complex design.
There are many kinds of the listening room classfied by its usage, such as the piano room, the music(or language) room, the music sharing space and the multi-function hall, and so on.
The meeting room, its main components include: building sound system, sound amplification system, conference system, lighting system, video system, conference simultaneous transmission and tracking system, intelligent central control system.

The meeting room must have a good language clarity because of its special function. The meeting room shall design its building structure to create a good acoustic environment. The meeting room is divided into the round table meeting and the non-voting meeting according to the different layout of the sound field, and the corresponding acoustic design of the venue is also different.
1. The Design Of The Theater's Seating a. Theater (mainly natural sound) : The number of the song and dance theater's seating shall be less than 1400, and the other type shall be less than 1000.
b. Theatre (mainly sound amplification) : not restricted. 2. The Design Of The Theater The theater adopt acoustic design, the appearance of the whole audiovisual room is luxurious, and the lighting tone is very in place. In particular, the invisible sound box placement design makes the audience better enjoy the screen.
The recording studio shall use the short reverberation according to the indoor volume, and the appropriate reverberation time should be selected according to the indoor volume. The frequency characteristic of reverberation time should be straight.
The studio is divided into the traditional studio and the virtual studio. It is mainly used for program recording or live broadcasting, and has certain requirements for background noise, reverberation time and sound field distribution.

The guidance system of the virtual studio have the advantages of complete function, economical and practical, reliable operation and flexible operation, which can not only meet the needs of the present stage, but also ensure that the system will be advanced and have room for expansion for a long time in the future.
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Traditional Studio
Traditional Studio
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Service Profile The venue acoustic design is a project which combine the sensibility and reason, this situation require the designer have rich acoustic professional knowledge, acoustic measurement equipment and acoustic architectural design experience.

The SKC can use its professional acoustic knowledge, professional audio equipment, technical personnel and project experience to carry out the architectural design to meet the different functional requirements from the customer for the venue.
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