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Wheelset Roughness Test System
System Introduction
The wheelset roughness test system is mainly used for the application and research of polygon wheel, acoustic roughness and wheel unroundness in the field of rail transit.

Equipment Introduction 1. The wheelset roughness equipment is specially designed for the detection of railway locomotive wheels, with the advantages of compact structure, flexible installation and convenient use. 2. The design of it use 100Kg strong magnetic seat to ensure that the equipment is installed firmly and reliably. 3. During the test, the user can check the test waveform in real time, and confirm the test effectiveness in the first time to ensure efficient and rapid detection of wheel roughness. 4. It can use two kind of the power supply modes, flexible and convenient use. It can complete the detection task well under complex working conditions just by its own rechargeable battery.
5. It can be well used in engineering detection tasks and related scientific research at the same time. 6. It can be used for off-line detection of single wheel to undertake the daily inspection work of wheel. 7. It can be used for online detection of integrated wheels to quickly evaluate wheel wear conditions and provide locomotive maintenance suggestions.

Application Scenario
1. Polygon measurement of rail vehicles (multiple units, passenger cars, locomotives, subways and other special vehicles). 2. Detection and evaluation of wheel smoothness and damage. 3. Research on wheel circumferential irregularity.Test scenarios.

Test Scenario
The wheelset roughness equipment
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