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Rail Roughness And Corrugation Testing System
System Introduction With the rapid development of the China's railway, the phenomenon of rail corrugation is also increasing year by year. For this reason, the SKC have researched and developed the rail roughness and corrugation testing system to resolve this problem. The test instrument of this system, use a high-precision displacement meter to detect and collect the data of the rail's track roughness, and then analyzes the result by software to evaluate the wave wear of the rail.
System Characteristics 1. The design standard of this system is BS EN 15610:2009. 2. The end face and the displacement meter of the equipment adopt millimeter scale to facilitate accurate positioning of test coordinates. 3. The industrial lemo interface is adopted to ensure the reliability of equipment testing and data transmission. 4. There are two kind of test instruments (single point & three point) to meet different test needs of the user. 5. Not only can it be used for rail roughness testing (related to the noise of the wheel-rail), but also can be used for the corrugation test.
Calibration Site Of China Metrology Institute & Calibration Curve Of Rail Roughness / Corrugation
Using Characteristics 1. The test instrument is easy to install by a single person. The bracket of the test instrument can be firmly adsorbed by adjusting itself. The main positioning wheel which on the side of the test instrument, can help people quickly complete the installation of the test instrument.
2. According to test conditions, the user can set the test parameters and test documents in the analysis software by itself. 3. During the test, the user can view the test waveform, the displacement progress and the speed of the test instrument in real time, so as to confirm the test effectiveness in the first time.
Test Site
Test Instrument
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