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Three-in-one Track Test System
System Introduction
The three-in-one track test system include three functions: the rail roughness module, the rail profile detection module and the gauge test module.

This three modules are designed independently according to corresponding standards. Among them, the hardware (portable online test equipment) adopt the integrated design, and can meet the test requirement of independent operation by a single person. It have many advantages, such as installation and disassembly is eazily, long work time darily(>24h), working environment(-20℃ ~ +50℃).

1. Left Figure: In the formula, L1 and L2 are known quantities, X1 and Y1 are two-dimensional coordinate values, V1 and V2 are angular quantities measured by coded sensors. 2. Right Figure: at the same time, consider the diameter of the most front roller and the Angle cutting compensation during rolling.

3. The values of X1 and Y1 can be calculated according to the formula in the left picture and the relevant values in the right picture.

Technology Principle
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