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Fault Monitoring And Location System
System Introduction
The fault monitoring and positioning system which use a 60-channel microphone array, can carry out highly directional sound pickup (directional pick up the target direction of sound), and remove the interference of environmental noise. The system can judge the fault according to the enhanced acoustic signal, and further locate the fault by acoustic positioning technology.

System Characteristics 1. The angle of the directional sound pickup can be set dynamically, and the minimum directional angle can up to 10 degrees.
2. The tone of the directional sound pickup can be set dynamically.
3. The noise suppression in non target direction can reach more than 20dB. 4. The positioning error is less than 5 degrees.

Hardware Devices
System Parameters
1. The post-processing time of a single train shall not be more than 5 minutes.
2. The 16 bit 60 channel analog input, and the sampling rate is 48kHz per channel.
3. The processing time of the signal enhancement per frame is 20ms.
4. The microphone array is arranged in a 15 * 2 array with a spacing of 11mm.
5. The frequency band of the test data is 2k ~ 15kHz.
6. The positioning accuracy(8k ~ 15kHz) is within 10 degrees.
7. The rangment of the sound pressure level is 40dB ~ 120dB.
8. The power supply: +28 ~ 32VDC, ripple ≤200mV, steady power consumption: ≤30W.
9. Structure size: 360mm x 214mm x 110mm.
10. Overall size: 143 mm x 43 mm.

System Advantages
1. It have the function of multi-channel acoustic signal acquisition. It can automatically start or stop collecting and storing signals according to the train channel signal, and has the positioning function in the same horizontal plane of the rail.
2. It have the enhancement function of  Beamforming signal.
3. It have the functions of original signal storage and enhanced signal storage.
4. It have the function of network data transmission.
Application Scenarios
The fault monitoring and locating at the bottom of bullet train(abnormal sound signal acquisition).
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