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Vehicle Instability And Balance Monitoring System
System Introduction
1. The vehicle snake instability and balance monitoring system can be used for vehicle stability, comfort monitoring equipment (including vehicle shaking monitoring) and wheel polygon monitoring equipment.
2. It is operated by hand through the touch screen, which is easy to carry and has certain anti falling ability.
3. It has the ability of data saving and remote data communication, and can upload the saved data to the specified server.

System Features

1. The whole set can be operated by one person. 2. It have the 10.1-inch HD touch screen, and operate easily. 3. The equipment acquisition and power supply mode is IEPE. 4. It have the Lemo interface of the industrial grade waterproof function, so that ensure the reliability of data test and transmission.

5. It can work independently for about 6 ~ 8 hours. 6. It contain multiple data transmission interfaces, which can be customized according to customer needs. 7. It can transmit data by a variety of methods, such as the 4G networks and the wireless networks.

8. It can view the data in real time and confirm the validity of the test data at the first time.

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