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Running Gear Fault Monitoring System
Display position: on board display terminal of the console in the driver's control room Object oriented: On-board drivers, passengers and maintenance personnel Key technology: threshold updating technology Main functions: accurately prevent accidents, limit accidents to the tiny bud, and distinguish the safety level of early warning.
Display location: the software is developed in B / S mode. All authorized users can access the server through their computer browser at any time and anywhere. Object oriented: fault diagnosis engineer, maintenance engineer and designer Key technologies: intelligent diagnosis technology and information fusion technology Main functions: accurate fault diagnosis, recession assessment and life prediction.
The Introduction Of The Running Gear
The Running Gear is the part of the lower part of the vehicle, it guide the vehicle to run along the track and transmit all the weight of the locomotive and vehicle to the steel rail. It is composed of the wheel set, the lubrication device of the axle box, the side frame, the rocking pillow and the spring damping device.

The Function Of The Running Gear
1. It can ensure that the vehicle runs flexibly, safely and smoothly along the rail and passes through the curve.
2. Reliably withstand various forces acting on the vehicle and pass them to the rail.
3. It can ease the mutual impact between the vehicle and the rail to reduce the vehicle vibration, so that ensure enough smooth operation and good operation quality.
4. It have a reliable braking mechanism, so that the vehicle has a good braking effect.

Application Case 1. Detect the health status of the dynamic wheel
Display Location: The on-board display terminal in the driver's control room. Object Oriented: The driver, the maintainer. Key Technology: The technology of the threshold update. Main Functions: It can effectively prevent and control the accident, and distinguish the safety level of the early warning .
Display Location: The web browser on any internet-connected device in anytime(because the software is developed in B/S mode).
Object Oriented: The designer, the maintainer, the engineer of the fault diagnosis.
Key Technologies: The technology of the intelligent diagnosis, the technology of the information fusion.
Main Functions: It can accurately detect the fault of the running gear, assess the wear condition of the running gear, and predict the service life of the running gear.
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