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Wireless Distributed Analysis System
System Introduction The wireless distributed analysis system is used to collect noise and vibration data. The system consists of the acquisition and processing terminal(noise or vibration), the local control terminal, the remote database storage and the display terminal. The acquisition and processing terminal includes acoustic sensor (or acceleration sensor), signal acquisition module, signal processing module, device internal storage module, power supply module, 4G transmission or Lora module.
Characteristics Of Wireless Distributed Test System
Software Interface
System Principle And Advantages
The acquisition and processing terminal start to collect data after the local control terminal send the instruction during the system working. The sensor of the system convert the measured signal into an electrical signal, which is amplified, and then converted into a digital signal through the analog-to-digital conversion module and sent to the signal processing module. The module calculate according to the standard formula, and then transmit the calculation results to the remote database through 4G / Lora and other modules.
Vibration Acquisition Terminal
Noise Acquisition Terminal
Acauisition Terminal Characteristics
System Schematic Diagram
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