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Phononic Crystal
Material Introduction
Phononic crystal material application phononic crystal refers to a periodic structure / material composed of two (or more) elastic materials. There is a band gap in the acoustic band, which can inhibit the propagation of elastic waves in a certain frequency range. This frequency range is usually called band gap, that is, the periodic structure can suppress the propagation of elastic waves in a specific frequency range (band gap).

The Schematic Diagram Of The Band Gap
Application 1:The Ventilation Grille Of The Subway
Application 2:The Muffler Of The Phononic Crystal
Design Principle
1. Noise Reduction Of The Air Duct: The dislocation arrangement of partitions which are setting at the specific position of the air duct, are designed to make the air flow in the air inlet form a tortuous flow path. This design make the airflow in the air duct to through the tortuous flow path and reduce its kinetic energy, so that the dynamic pressure of the fan is transformed into the static pressure in the air duct, the degree and speed of the airflow at the air inlet are significantly reduced, and the wind noise is significantly reduced.
2. Noise Reduction Of  Fan Motor: The nosie of the fan motor is reduced effectively after the block and the absorption of ventilation grille(several partitions).
These designs, which can effectively reduce the noise of the airflow and the fan motor, are widely used in the field of the noise reduction.

Verification Test Scene: Install a new ventilation grille in a 400km/h sample car. Results: In the same conditions, the ventilation grille which used the phononic crystal, have a better sound insulation.
Product Introduction
The muffler of phononic crystal  is a specially designed muffler to meet the noise reduction requirements of ventilation pipeline. According to the size, space and weight of the ventilation pipe, the phononic crystal muffler can be customized. At present, the muffler has been successfully developed in many forms, such as the straight pipe of the muffler, the elbow of the muffler, and the tee of the muffler.
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