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Microporous Honeycomb Sound Absorption Plate
Material Introduction
The microporous honeycomb sound absorption plate, which its surface is the microperforated aluminum plate, can not only be used as cabin sound absorbing board, but also can be used as interior decoration board. The microporous honeycomb sound absorption plate is made of all metal materials, which can meet the requirements of fire prevention and environmental protection. The minimum aperture of the panel of microporous honeycomb sound absorption plate is only 0.04mm, and the aperture is very small. Therefore, it has better sound-absorbing effect on 500Hz ~ 1000Hz medium and low-frequency noise, which is basically consistent with the noise frequency band in the cabin. In addition, the microporous honeycomb sound absorption board also have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high electromagnetic sound shielding, easy cleaning and so on.
Application Scenario 1. This material is applicable to the high noise cabin on ships and cabins with high noise requirements, such as air conditioner room, cab, command room, conference room, senior living quarters, etc.
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